Dashr is a Chrome extension that enhances users' Chrome experience with increased personalisation, allowing for self-expression while fostering convenience and productivity.

What it does

Dashr replaces users' home and new tab screens on Google Chrome with a full customisable, personalised dashboard. It has a wide variety of widgets available to be placed anywhere on the screen, which can display almost anything that has an API - Gmail, Google Calendar, Paypal and more in one convenient home screen.

How we built it

Written in JavaScript, collaborated using Git with Bitbucket.

Challenges we ran into

We found it difficult to finish as many widgets as we wanted to in time. As our project is inherently design-driven, it has also been difficult to settle on certain aesthetic elements.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Tom and David ate 6 whole slices pizza each.

Aside from that, we managed to make a functioning extentsion that works efficiently and effectively. The prototype we have ready to present today is an accurate representation of our initial vision - we ran into no problems that we couldn't fix immediately. The base framework for the application is robust, which allowed for us to develop widgets while being confident that they "just worked".

What we learned

We learned more about React, the framework used in the project. Our understanding of UI design has also been improved, as we've been able to gather a range of opinions from various mentors and experts in our time here.

What's next for Dashr

We have created an extension that can act as a foundation for huge future development. Dashr has a very large range of potential applications, both for regular consumers and for enterprise users and developers. We are most interested in developing a range of enterprise widgets, that can replace clunky existing intranet interfaces and supplement the lack of existing integration in many workplaces. A potential future direction is eventually adding profiles which change the layout depending your usage type, and which can be shared with other users and devices.

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