Nft is a hot project base on web3.0, and ccn is a public chain and decenter storge project,so we want to developement nft marketing in the ccn.

What it does

TOP NFT is an NFT marketing place based on CCN's network to create and trade.

How we built it

CCN provides perfect interfaces and documentations. We have rich smart contract‘s experience in development. The construction of this project is relatively fast and there is no obstacle.

Challenges we ran into

Earerly,we have happened some questions whe nft's create and storge the pics and voides ; I had finished the functions throught searched the public share docments and apis.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The relevant smart contracts were completed in a relatively short time, and the ccn and bnb chains were also opened, and two kinds of tokens could be used for transactions.

What we learned

The public chain of ccn and the development interface of decentralized storage ,and basically meet the requirements of the project for efficiency, speed and stability.

What's next for TOP NFT

It is planned to release after the final test , and finally put it on the market.

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