I check the performance of cryptocurrencies every morning and at multiple times a day. I figured many people do the same. I wanted to build an alexa skill that can summarize the top 3 coins so users can hear a summary hands free and can do it while they get ready in the morning, while they cook, before bed, or at any other time.

What it does

Top coins will tell you a summary of the top 3 coins based on market cap. You can hear the name of the coin, the current price and if it increased or decreased in value. You can also purchase the option upgrade and hear the top 5 coins.

How I built it

I built this skill using a AWS Lambda function. I added ISP to provide users the ability to summarize the top 5 coins instead of 3.

Challenges I ran into

This skill uses a web request callout to an API so I had to code an async function with await. I had to implement the call out code using a js promise.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud that I was able to add ISP to the skill and was able to do it for various languages.

What I learned

Building this skill showed me the different coding patterns to follow for async call outs. This was useful for other skills that require the same type of functionality, enhancing the value of a skill.

What's next for Top Coins

Currently, I have one product that can be bought as an upgrade. Next on the roadmap is to allow a summary of the top 10, and maybe even other coin data. Also, I plan to support other languages.

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