We want to incentive producers, rap artists, and fans to collaborate and create new music using cryptocurrency.

What it does

Our curated list of high-quality musicians is essentially a game where token holders control which musicians are listed. Applying to be on the top musician list is not free, preventing trolls and spam submissions. The token holders are incetivized to create a high quality list and increase the value of ERT by challenging applications. Challenging applications creates a high quality list and allows voters to be rewarded with the applicant's deposit.

How we built it

We forked a repository called TCR created by Mike Goldin. Using TCR we deployed our own smart contracts to the Rinkeby test network, and displayed our curated list by utilizing the TCR-UI repository.

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge were hard coding our smart contracts into TCR-UI without deploying the smart contracts ABI to IPFS. It was also challenging to work with React.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am most proud of my team for coming together and creating a project website, utility token, and successfully deploying smart contracts to the Rinkeby test network. We were able to come together and make progress even while facing adversity. Our largest difficulty with our TCR was lack of documentation and support from other developers on the TCR-UI project.

The utility token we created is Ether Radio Token (ERT).

What we learned

We learned how to compile and deploy smart contracts using Truffle and the Rinkeby test network, we also learned how to use React and Redux to update a web page according to events on a smart contract. We learned how to deploy a decentralized application to a production web server using Heroku.

What's next for Top 100 Musician Billboard

We want to have music listed with our application in the registry to provide samples of the artists' expertise.

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