Music is a big asset in my life and I really love both making it (I play drums, guitar and do some electronic music production) and listening to it. I really enjoy music at any moment of my day at it really is my way of relaxing. Because of this is why I decided to have my project developed based on something that I like.

What it does

My project consists of a world map which when hovering over a country it will display what were the top 10 songs of that country in the year 2020.

How we built it

The project was built with help of the Anychart.js library which I would consider is a great choice for anyone who wants to use maps in their software solutions as it requires few lines of installation in our DOM. Regarding my "API Response"... my data is just a dataset downloaded from Kaggle, dataset which was created by Harshit Kapoor and here is the link to my reference ( The dataset comes in a .csv format and I had to convert it into a JSON file to upload it to my Mock Server where I would be requesting the data to then be used in the tests section of Postman. Anychart.js has a module specific for maps where is where I plugged my JSON response.

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge here is that there had to be some JSON manipulations on my response as Anychart.js only uses a country code they have defined so that it could be connected to the map figure of every country in the chart. E.g: Peru's country code in Anychart.js is 'PE'. So I had to iterate through this JSON response to generate a code for every country name that I read. Another challenge here which is a minor one in my opinion is that I also had to filter some records as my response is giving me the top 50 songs per country and I only want the top 10.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I feel so proud to have been presented of this opportunity right when I am learning Javscript... it has helped me put the acquired concepts into practice and it has been very challenging but fun!

What we learned

I learned new technologies such as Anychart.js which was very interesting as I can see we can display data in more meaningful ways through different types of charts and take things to a next level with even thinking about Business Intelligence techniques when presenting data!!

What's next for Top 10 songs around the globe!

I believe that the next steps for this small project would be to expand it by adding more insights so that we could answer questions such as which countries listen to more explicit songs?, which songs are the ones that were listened to the most?, what is the genre that is listened the most?.

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