Toonscast is a fun immersive weather forecast experience with 360 degree exploration of weather through time. The viewer is surrounded by a 10-day weather forecast, each day being represented as a floating toon island with the weather of that day shown and animated over that island.

What makes this experience unique is the fun and immersive aspects of it. instead of looking at a boring list of days with weather text and icons, users can fly through days, explore different locations, and being transported into a day's toon island to live through the weather of that day.

User flow and interaction

  • Initially, the user is looking at a 10-day forecast overview, with current location and current day being in focus.
  • Rotating the head, or swiping left and right on the touchpad, moves through days across the screen.
  • Swiping up and down moves between locations (Los Angeles, New York, ...)
  • Selecting a day (with center touch on touch pad) transports the user into that day's floating island, where they can explore a 24-hour weather period for that day
  • On a specific day's island, user can turn head around (or swipe left/right) to explore a 24 hour time period for that day. As the head turns, time changes, the sun sets, night falls, and moon rises (correct moon phase for that day is shown).
  • User can go back to 10-day forecast by pressing the back button on the Gear VR headset
  • User can also add/remove/switch locations from the locations menu icon hovering on the top left of the screen


  • How to create weather dynamically/procedurally
  • How to create/generate a toons-like terrain with several variations for weather conditions

Update 1 (milestone 2)

  • Created 10 toon terrains with static weather forecast for 10 day overview
  • Integrated scripted weather conditions for various weather conditions through the day
  • Created a 24 hour time-lapse through weather conditions of a given day
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