The team has a great passion for all things comic book. The stories, the characters, but most importantly, the art.

What it does

We wanted to test out our openCV skills by creating a program that emulates that artstyle and applies it to an image, complete with bold black lines to really make the features in your world pop.

How we built it

Through Google Colab, the team was able to develop toonMe simultaneously, experimenting with different values and image processing options to make the best looking comic art.

Challenges we ran into

While trying to prepare the program to take in a camera feed, we discovered that our camera drivers and the Spyder IDE were not functioning properly. This required us to spend a portion of the weekend reinstalling everything we needed for ToonMe to work and forced us to abandon the real-time filtering option.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the quality of the filters ToonMe provides, as well as the information we gained by diving deep into researching openCV.

What we learned

We learned of the effects that applying certain thresholds and techniques have on our image. We also learned about the applications that such techniques have within the realm of deep learning.

What's next for ToonMe

It would be great to see more filter options for ToonMe, but we feel more inclined to use what we learned from the project and apply it at a much larger scale moving forwards.

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