Have you ever wished that the perfect song would play for everything you do in your busy schedule? Something upbeat to jam out to while doing the dishes? Maybe some majestic instrumental music while reading? With Tune-do, you’ll be vibing to your own personalized theme song wherever you go.

We have created a to-do list application that generates song recommendations in one of 54 song categories based on the task at hand. Users add to-do items and view them on top of a gorgeous gradient background. Crossing off an item is done with a single click. After a user has added a task, our application applies an algorithm to map keywords in the contents of the task, and matches it with one of 54 song categories currently on Spotify.

Looking Forward

  • Embedded links to songs. Currently, users have to click a link that takes them to where their song recommendation is playing. With an embedded player, users can listen to their recommended songs right on the page.
  • Connecting to a database so users can add/delete custom tasks that are saved to their account.
  • A more robust algorithm for matching task contents to song recommendations

Our Hackathon Experience

At the start of the Hackathon, we immediately realized we had to compromise our ideas and make quick decisions in order to get an early start on our building process. While building, we learned how to allocate specific roles to different team members based on their interests and skills, which allowed us to complete our project in an efficient and timely manner. Through building Tune-do, our team learned how to work together effectively and use each member’s strengths to make the best possible end product. This was a great hackathon experience for all of us and we're extremely grateful for the time and energy the organizers and mentors spent making it possible for us!

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