In a world where the barrier to entry into CS can be 1000+, toolshed opens doors to the lucrative market of iOS development, through the devices that use the platform the most. The iPads.

Creating a runtime compiler was just half the story.

Objective C is a compiler language, a language that is compiled from it's written form to be run. This means the flexibility during runtime, is just about 0.

Toolshed changes the language and it's age old history on its head by treating Objective C as a interpretive language. This also lets code to be added and run at runtime.

With interpreting algorithms, parsing, and added magic, toolshed allows for users to type and run methods, to be seen in action on a simulator.

Toolshed also makes strides in stability, error checking, and compiling speed; In many ways it bests it's desktop counterpart. Apple's Xcode.

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