We are trying to work on the problem where there are few common /shared tools like crane, fork-lift etc. on the shop floor that are needed on ad hoc basis by various operations We give the supervisor a quick glance at all the tools needed by a particular route operations and tell if they are available. If not then we highlight so that he can take proactive action

What it does

Avoid last moment search and the idle equipment time that comes with it Readily tell where tooling is currently is so that supervisor need not search Allow the supervisor to book the tooling for certain time so that other people are informed Results in better utilization of common equipment and better operations planning

How we built it

The BMS API, does not maintain information about specifics of an operation activities. In this case the tooling needed for an operation. That is left to the organization We are picking up the product, route and operations details from the BMS API Then we are maintaining a small API to provide information on tools needed for operations. Based on these two we show if all the tools are available or not and allow the user to book a tool against a specific operation.

Challenges we ran into

Absence of referential integrity among all the modules-EPI,EA& WIP Lack of proper documentation consumed lot of time in the understanding of the APIs

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Complete exploration of the API Pointing out the errors in the API to the GE team Able to come up with a web application which gives quick glance at all the tools needed by a particular route operations and tell if they are available.

What we learned

Deeper insights into the working of manufacturing industries and various challenges faced by them.Leveraging predix platform to provide meaningful solutions

What's next for Tools Management for Brilliant Manufacturing

Implementation of shortest path algorithm to find the nearest distance for the required tool Integration with Indoor positioning system to see the real time location of the tool Scheduling algorithm for deciding priority of the operation

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