Help the local small vendors go digital to survive the ecommerce super market giants from competition during challenging post COVID times Help the customers buy products online from local vendors and get home delivered

What it does

It helps customers and community vendors to buy and sell from the their local neighborhood stores from a digital platform thus retaining the local flavor in shopping community specfic goods

How we built it

We build using the MACH architecture concept providing rich user experience. The tools/softwares used include commercetools, microservices on AWS cloud, headless architecture using ReactJS & react360 library and C# .Net

Challenges we ran into

Integrating virtual 360 degree store view Integration of various layers including commercetools and C# REST APIs (microservices) with the FrontEnd

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Helping small vendors in neighborhoods to go digital live order tracking onboarding local vendors 360 degree store view product price comparison i=among neighborhood stores

What we learned

Helping communities to go digital by understanding their business explored new technologies to build commerce applications using MACH concept and using the commercetools platform Provided rich experience with headless architecture on the AWS cloud

What's next for Click and Shop

Extend the features of the application including payments, onboarding multiple vendors, voice based search, chatbot Localised user experience across multiple countries

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