We believe that the process of gathering information related to our school is outdated, with students still asking each other what school day it is without any easy way of finding out. We aim to solve these problems with ToolMac, and provide more information to aid WLMAC students.

We were also inspired by TDSB Connects, which is a similar app developed by TDSB.

What it does

Toolmac is a simple mobile app designed for WLMAC students to quickly get information they need on the go. Students may view recent news related to schools such as clubs, and they may also view upcoming events. Lastly, they may upload their timetables onto the app to view them later.

How we built it

Toolmac was created with the following technologies: Flutter & Dart for the mobile app, REST API with Express.js, Node.js, SQLite3. We first created a backend server to host all information necessary and then created two different clients to pull the data from the backend server and present it to the user (a mobile app and a web app).

Challenges we ran into

We underestimated the difficulty of this project and underwent a huge time crunch. We ran into bugs that took way to long to resolve.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the fact that we have two separately built clients to better the user experience.

What we learned

We learned that we need to plan more ahead to prevent these time crunches in the future. Additionally we also learned that we need to take things a bit easier next time.

What's next for ToolMac

We would like to clean up the codebase and polish the user experience a bit more and see if it can be launched within the WLMAC community.

Video Demo Link since the box does not allow it:

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