We were very impressed by the hardware brought by the mentors, and we really wanted to make a project where both hardware and software would be integrated. Eilleen had the brilliant idea of monitoring physical activity, and Lilian came up with an app that would utilize this activity.

What it does

Our app has a built-in timer system that will remind someone when to get up and move. For the sake of the demonstration, the timer is set in seconds, but it can easily be changed to minutes. It will have different timing periods depending on how exhausted the user is. Upon receiving notification to do a cardio activity, the hardware would track the user's movement for a certain period of time. Currently, this time period is set for 30 seconds, but can easily be changed in the future.

How we built it

Eilleen focused on the hardware, while Lilian created the app. It took a lot of collaboration, as well as aid from the amazing mentors, but we eventually came out with a pretty nifty project.

Challenges we ran into

It has been a while since Lilian has used xcode, so Lilian was very rusty and ran into minor problems that crashed her app quite frequently. On the other hand, Eilleen had to sort through numerous variables, equations, etc. to be able to measure velocity in 3D space. Both faced challenges that resulted in learning on both sides :)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The app works! As trivial as it sounds, implementing features like vibration, ringtone, alerts, etc. are all new to Lilian. Eilleen also made a very advanced hardware project that utilizes physics, math, and determination!

What we learned

We learned to be patient, because the app may work one minute, then crash the next (FOR UNSPECIFIED REASONS!) We also had a crash course in wearable technology, as it was our first time working with arduino for a hackathon.

What's next for Too Tired To Be Tired

Adding IFTTT integration so we can have more interactions between the hardware and software. Additionally, the app will expand to become more user-friendly. For example, it will increase the amount of time that it can be loaded, or perhaps the formatting of the timer will change to be minutes:seconds.

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