Tonglo is your ultimate travel friend, guiding you to destination at every step. Tonglo is a Travel App for Gear2 and its compatible Smart Phone.

Once Destination is set on smart phone Tonglo App and Gear 2 Tonglo App connects to it and you can immediately see an arrow showing current and next steps. Other details like distance and time remaining to be travelled, estimated time to reach destination are displayed along with the next Direction Step.

Swipe left on Gear 2 shows all direction steps from current location to destination. Go ahead and enjoy your travel with Tonglo. No need to pull out the Smart Phone. Just follow the directions on Gear2 and reach your destination. Important: The Smart Phone needs to be positioned in the direction you are moving in, for correct interpretation of Right Left directions in Gear2. You can keep the Smart Phone in pocket but it should be pointing downwards.

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