We as developers mostly waste a lot of time and energy on repetitive compilations and testing of web and C technologies. The lose their flow, creativity with those monotonous and recurring steps, which actually reflects in the final web or low language production. We wanted to solve that by empowering developers with access to certain tools that makes the flow and increases the creativity.

What it does

With ... developers would be able to save a lot of time by having access to premier algorithms and js scripts to have the compilation and the results to be affected and displayed in real time. So you would have every script and oart compiled and displayed at the end of every keystroke as well as will be safely deployed via the cloud. Simple but elegant and efficient.

How I built it

For the MVP, I built it off the emacs editor with the functionality further added as a JS plugin and a server running to monitor and deploy changes in real time.

Challenges I ran into

Configuring the server to actively log and monitor changes in the code and to simultaneously push it to the local frontend and the backend was the biggest barrier for me. And I learned after 24 hours of sleeplessness Emacs seems like a very difficult kid to handle.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

To make everything "just work"

What I learned

I learned a ton about how to make servers your slave(to make them work) and to lots of bad practices in code deploying. I also came to know that when you are sleep deprived and it's 4 in the morning. Please use Vim not emacs.

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