The Idea of an application that could teach while still maintaining its charm is the dream goal of any developer in the education sector. We thought about this idea and how we could target a certain group of subjects and find a key unifying factor and lo and behold we found tones. Thus leading to our marvelous creation

What it does

The app helps the user/student to gain a refined understanding of the overall subject by analyzing and differentiating the various tones found in their selected language or their sheet music notes

How we built it

It was created using Unity Engine, Echo AR, Blender, and Xcode.

Challenges we ran into

Now since we aim to use this app to implicitly train language and musical tones, the challenges related to ease of use and understanding rose. Too difficult a method of delivery and the users wouldn't learn the tones whereas the easier and more addicting the method of delivery and the users would focus on the game itself and come away with nothing.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are gleaming about how we compiled 2 seemingly different fields and somehow made it work almost perfectly

What we learned

So far, We’ve learned that teaching language and even music can be simplified and fun by breaking it down and adding elements of friendly challenge to it.

What's next for us

Our app is currently being used in a psycho-social experiment wherein it is trying to teach mandarin lexical tones and then being assessed for its viability. We plan to develop the app into a fully functioning app for musical tones and notes in order for students to have a better grasp on them using our app as the educating medium

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