I've always been interested in fintech and both machine learning and artificial intelligence have been rising trends in fintech.

What it does

Uses Blackrock's Aladdin to analyze your portfolio and see what stocks you hold, and then uses IBM Bluemix's Tone Analyzer API to determine whether your portfolio is bullish or bearish with predictions drawn from the tone of recent Seeking Alpha articles of the stocks you hold.

How we built it

HTML, Javascript, Python, IBM Watson Tone Analyzer API, BlackRock Aladdin API

Challenges we ran into

Deciding what platform to use, learning how to scrape websites, trying to figure out how to use Flask

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This is the first hackathon that I have gone solo in.

What we learned

Web scraping, JSON parsing (finally), learning how to use the two APIs incorporated in this project

What's next for ToneFolio

Cleaning up the UI, stronger prediction models

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