I wanted to do something with Reddit API. While thinking about it I stumbled upon IBM's API that allows to gauge what kind of emotions are present in text. So I came up with an idea to merge both of these. My program parses Reddit's comments and then allows you to search for some topic and shows how often it was mentioned. It could help to determine that something is currently trending or being discussed particularly much and help to correlate event with that. Another feature is tone analysis. I used ToneAnalyzer API from IBM's Bluemix. The emotions shown are averaged over interval to show how they change. Sadly, free account only allowed me to make 1000 requests, so the only topic for which I could analyse emotions was Trump.

It was quite an interesting project as I had no experience with either of these APIs and this was my first time coding with Python, which made up most of the project.

At first I tried to figure out how PRAW API for retrieving content from Reddit worked. After that I needed to tie it with ToneAnalyzer. Lastly, I used PHP and Google Graph API to create interactive graphs.

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