Be your best self when writing emails.


Over text, it can be easy to come off the wrong way, or be unintentionally off-putting. We wanted to solve this in a helpful, unobtrusive way, so you can sound as good over email as you do in live conversation.

How it works

When you write an email (in Gmail or Inbox), Tone analyzes your message in real time to let you know if you're sounding too self-centered or aggressive, or very open and agreeable. Tone provides a helpful 'language graph' at the top of your compose window, visually breaking down what you’ve written.

We use the IBM Watson Personality Insights API to classify your message and assign traits to it. Watson makes this complicated classification process simple, perfect for our use case.

What's next for Tone

Eventually we want to replace all human communication with Markov-chain generated, perfectly tone-acceptable communiqués, so that everyone is happy all of the time. No one will ever have to say mean things on the internet.

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