The Problem

Queues. No one really likes them, but during the COVID-19 they’ve become not only annoying, but dangerous. Every queue that a person has to stand in is an extra risk of infection, especially when a distance of 1.5m is difficult to enforce.

How we've solved it

Our app: QMe. It allows businesses/organisations to create a virtual queue of their customers in order to control the number of people inside. People would open the app, which would recognise their location, the depth of the queue, and the average time taken inside to generate an approximate waiting time for the customer. As they move ahead in the queue, they are notified.


QMe will be available to all healthcare centres and hospitals on a subscription basis. In the future will be extended to local businesses and services to provide effective queue management.

Where next?

Our next goals are to:

  1. Gain contact and create partnerships with hospitals and clinics
  2. Secure a financial backer
  3. Fully develop and prepare the application for launch
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