Divinare is a group of students passionate about changing the healthcare industry through innovative technologies. Divinare came to LA Hacks all the way from Michigan Technological University with one goal - build something awesome that will serve as a foundation for years of work to come. We think we did just that.

Divinare Tomorrow takes the first step in making healthy behaviors easy and actionable. In 36 hours our team was able to highlight our belief that everything from the weather to what you wear can impact your health. As a combination hardware software hack, key features of Divinare tomorrow include:

The software side of the hack features: -Machine learning and automatic activity recognition on 3 key groups (Jumping jacks, Walking, and jogging). -Accelerometer data is collected via the application and automatically categorized and stored in the application -Pulls in weather data and outdoor recreation data from one of Mashape's database to offer app users healthy recreation options. Or the app may recommend a lunch walk outside if the weather is nice, or a stop at the gym if the weather isn't so pleasant. -Offers a sleek user experience - mimicking the Yahoo weather application - with dynamic, location based images making up the background. -Buzzes to let the user know that the application has detected a change.

The hardware side of the hack features:

-Photoplethysmography: allowing Divinare to gain key insights on blood flow and volume change in vascular tissue -Black body radiation: which will allow our team make better calculations on the number of calories burned during exercise based on the fluctuation of your core body temperature.

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