Proceeds will go to funding server fees, over 0.75 BCH per month. Also BCH tournaments! Looking for a faucet, please get in touch!

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I'm building a virtual coin-slot for players to purchase digital goods directly through an in-game object. The project will allow Rust (the game) server owners to place this virtual merchant and accept BCH as payment for in-game goods.

User Flow

  1. Players will approach the virtual machine in-game, and then 'use' it.
  2. A QR code will be generated, within it is embedded a BCH receive address that is particular to that transaction.
  3. Players will be encouraged to pay with the wallet on their mobile phones. They will scan the in-game QR code and complete the transaction.
  4. This coin-slot plugin will query the blockchain and verify the transfer.
  5. The game will award the digital goods to the player, completing the transaction!


Rust (the game) is one of the hottest games on the market right now. Despite launching in 2013, it's been at the top of for the entire duration. It just recently surpassed 1.3 Million concurrent viewers on

I run heavily modded custom game server for the game RUST, with the goal of developing a stand-alone version one day. I currently serve over 1000 players per day. The mod is called Tommygun's Frag Mod, in which 3 of 8 players fight for control of a centralized objective. Players earn a meta currency for performing well in games, which is then spent on cosmetic items such as 'skins' for their weapons.

Digital cash is an attractive prospect for the game modding community because solves a host of issues that encumber sales to a global audience.

Pain Points Solved By BCH

○ no more dealing with chargebacks

○ Extremely affordable transaction fees, no payment provider cut

○ centralized platform for transactions without dealing with multiple 3rd parties

○ no declined transactions, and no approval, review, or dispute process

○ no limits on sending or receiving

○ no built-in KYC overhead or customer requirements specific to payment platforms

○ Available globally

○ It's as simple as cold hard cash!

What it does

Provide an in-game merchant for players to pay for in-game services, no strings attached.

How I built it

In the days leading up to the hackathon I took my first steps into crypto development:

○ I ran a KNUTH BCH full node on a server

○ I did a large survey of available technology that has C# implementation

○ I learned how to generate language-specific REST APIs from Swagger

○ I tested basic BCH functions using

After the start of the Coinparty,

○ I became familiar with NBitcoin, what looks to be an extremely robust library in C#

○ I skinned the virtual slot machine and added the object to the game

○ I began organizing a tournament for Frag Mod to take play on January 17th, with $100 in BCH prizes for players

○ I implemented a system using NBitcoin using derivation paths to create one address per transaction, with other embedded information about the transaction.

○ I implemented a Rust plugin that made use of the NBitcoin plugin and fountaincash's BCHD node. It generates the addresses, pulls the QR codes off an API, and serves it to players.

○ Run a BCH tournament ( Using funds received from a successful Flipstarter! ) on January 17th. ( TOURNAMENT FOOTAGE!!!)

○ Provided the BCH coin-slot to tournament winners to then spend on in game goods!

Challenges I ran into

○ It was difficult finding the right technology to start with. I ended up running with NBitcoin and FountainCash's BCHD node with a generate C# API. I ran into problems connecting to the test net with these, so I ended up developing straight onto mainnet.

What's next for Tommygun's Coin Slot

○ I'd like to package up the project and release it open source on the website. Here, game server owners will be able to run their own BCH Coin Slot on their own servers, accepting payment for common goods like VIP privilege and cosmetic items.

○ I'd like to look at offering Peer-To-Peer BCH wagering for a 'duel' arena. Players can challenge one another, offer stakes, and then fight to the death to take home the win. BCH would be perfect for this use case!

Get in touch with me here! (For any reason!)

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Built With

  • bchd
  • c#
  • fragmod
  • swagger
  • umod
  • unity
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