Tomato Work - time-management application for Samsung Gear 2

The application is inspired by the "Pomodoro Technique®" although Tomato Work is not official implementation of mentioned technique. It is also not related in any way to original "Pomodoro Technique®" - Tomato Work just implements some concepts of it. The “Pomodoro Technique®” and “Pomodoro®” are registered trademarks by Francesco Cirillo. To learn more about original "Pomodoro Technique®" you should visit their webpage.

The main goal of application is to help to improve self-organization of time. It is common that we are trying to focus on some tasks for several hours, and we fail miserably because someone interrupted us (discussion, phone call, e-mail) or we lost our concentration thinking about vacation, dinner, weekend or anything else.

Longer we are trying to focus, more interruptions we will face. More interruptions we will face, more time we will waste.

Tomato Work application tries to address this problem. It allows to control time for work as well as time for breaks. When you start your work, application starts countdown timer to show remaining time of work. When time for work (usually 25 minutes) ends, application notifies you that you should make a break. Tomato Work allows you also to control your short and long breaks.

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