When we're jamming out at the gym, studying or just trying to catch some relaxation time. It's always a good feeling when the song right as it ends. Some just like to measure their tasks by length of music and this app will work for them too!

What it does

Tomato player works by selecting songs that perfectly fit your pomodoro work cycle which results in the end of the last song concludes each of your work cycles.

Now you'll be able to focus entirely on your tasks without having a loud timer noise or having ur music cut abruptly

How we built it

  • We used React frontend with React-boostrap
  • We used Node.js with Express
  • Octave API for getting music links
  • We worked hard :)

Challenges we ran into

-Unfamiliar with some technologies -Adapting API responses with our use cases -Attempted to add additional functionality for Spotify and Apple Music using their API but it turned out to be very lengthy -Time limitations due to wanting to learn at the workshops -Scoping the project

Accomplishments that we're proud of

-Learned new technologies such as React and Node.js -Learned about many different API's through research -Completed a minimum viable product despite limitations

What we learned

-We all learned more about React and Node.js -We learned how to write a web app music player -We learned the importance of preparation

What's next for Pomodoro-tunes

Optimization of song searches as well as increased intensive sorting by genre. Add the ability to import Spotify and Apple Music playlists

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