With easy access to vehicles and fuel, people often tend to use their cars for covering small distances, which can be easily covered by foot. trnql's features (such as SmartPeople, which creates notifications automatically when other connected people move) motivated us to create an app that would make reducing one's carbon footprint fun.

What it does

The app tracks your ( and your friends' ) movements and determines the distance covered by you on foot. It then forms rankings (with a leader-board) among your friends (based on who walked the most ) , awarding badges to highest scorers. You can track your progress with the help of pie-charts and graphs, which include detailed statistics. Nothing motivates people to do something more than rankings

How we built it

We used Android Studio (along with trnql,Facebook SDK and Google Maps) to login the user and then plot them (and their friends) on a rendered map. We used 'Smart People' for forming leader-boards , 'Smart Location' to track the user, 'Smart Weather' for the weather, and 'Smart Activity' to tell if a person's walking/cycling or in a vehicle.

Challenges we ran into

We faced a problem related to the map-service at the last minute (the map doesn't work properly in production mode as of now, but that can be easily fixed).Also, the distance tracking is a bit buggy (because of the not-so-precise GPS in average phones).

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Using trnql to plot Facebook friends (in vicinity) on the graph in real-time.

What we learned

  • Using android studio.
  • Using PaaS such as trnql for making apps.
  • Integrating Facebook SDK into Android apps.
  • Integrating Google Maps into Android apps.

What's next for 'Run with Friends'

Fix the current bugs ; integrate support for logging in via Google/others ; support health-tracking devices (Eg. FitBit) to gain more statistics.

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