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🌹 Inspiration

It is important that we the Pacific band togethor, collaborate and share so that we may solve the problems that we face today. Even though we may come from different countries and speak different tongues; our hearts beat as one.

Talofa Lava! We have built a platform called Toloa (based off the native Samoan bird) that will help share information between civil societies as well as government organizations. Each organization can query and view information already found on the platform to get all the information they need to make decisions and implementations. Organizations will also be able to track progress of development by continuously updating topics, discussions and contributions.

🤷‍♀️🤷‍♂️ What it does

Our solution is full-stack web application!

Feature 1 - Topics

Particpate and provide value in the most talked about topics in the Pacific. This feature allows users to view, edit and create Topics. Furthermore, it gives the user the ability to explore various topics that a given country or organizaion allocates most of their time and resources to.


Feature 2 - Discussions and Contributions

This feature serves as the main focus of the Miniable Viable Product. Here, the user is able to voice out various issues, challenges, and opportunities concerning a topic. It is a timeline breakdown of discussions and contributions that are tracked and easy to access last minute. This meets the requirement of amplifying the voices of various users belonging to different Civil Society Organizations.


Feature 3 - Collaboration Graph

Visualize the relationships between organizations and countries as they interact through discussions and contributions. This feature allows the user to view interactions and collaborations between CSOs and observe where each CSO has heavily invested their knowledge and expertise.


Feature 4 - Dashboard

Get all the information in how organisations from around the Pacific contribute and work on the platform. This provides an overview for users to monitor and track the performance of various countries and civil regional organizations.


Feature 5 - Authentication

Only allow authentication users onto the platform to safeguard your information! Confidential information can be limited to the users within a CSO.


⚒ How we built it


Our back-end application serves as a RESTful Web API service built with NestJS! We've configured to also use TypeORM as our object-relational-mapper to connect with a PostgreSQL database provider. You can also find a swagger-ui interface configured at the /api/docs endpoint.


Our front-end application is built in React was bootstrapped with create-react-app and bundled with vite for blazing fast loading and response times. Our programming language of choice was javascript. You can access our client-side demo at


Our css framework of choice is tailwindcss! In addition to a few libraries like react-force-graph, headlessui, chartjs to help spruce up the look our application and help it look modern, sleek and minimal.

🛑 Challenges we ran into

⌚ Timeframe

Given there are only a few days to implement a solution we found ourselves strapped for time as we all have full-time jobs and families to take care of so it was difficult to find the hours to work on our solution.

👨‍💻 Tech Stack:

Not all members of our team could work full-stack, hence we broke into roles such as front-end and back-end development. However, because there were only three of us, it meant that we only had one person working on the backend; which led to an imbalance in our productivity.

🦚 Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • As young developers from Samoa we're proud to participate in the first ever hackathon in the Pacific and represent our country!
  • We're proud of our quick turnaround and the fact we are able to get a working MVP deployed and accessible by all.
  • We pride ourselves on creating a user friendly, efficient, effective, and scalable web application.
  • We are also extremely proud of the fact that we were all virtual but managed to coordinate and work together on this project.
  • Lastly, we have immense pride that we are able to compete in the Pacific's first ever hackathon. May we continue to have many more!

🏫 What we learned

We learned how to get an MVP working in only a few days. We learned how to work remotely as a team in a virtual environment and use git as version control to collaborate from back-end to front-end. We also learned new libraries and frameworks such as NestJs, React and more!

tldr: a lot ;-;

🤔 Hmmm... what's next for Toloa

  • Add Reactions, Comments, Report functionalities
  • Pagination to allow infinite scroll
  • User Profiles
  • Allow users to delete a post.
  • Add Organisations

All in all we are extremely grateful for this opportunity! Fa'afetai tele lava mo le avanoa! 🇼🇸 Ma le fa'aaloalo tele, soifua ma ia manuia 🇼🇸

📸 More screenshots!

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