During remote working when you are not at a real office and working from you, it may become stressful to work. Especially during the current times when you are stuck at your home and missing your co-workers, everyone wants to just go outside and meet their favorite people. While things will take time to become normal how about walking up to your co-worker's desk and chat?

TokSpace is built with the intention of taking you to your co-worker's desk whenever they are available for a quick chat. See each other, talk, and vent!

What it does

We have built a platform that enables remote workplace collaboration. Our communication service allows you to "approach the desks" of your coworkers, and join an impromptu voice call with them. Users can join an "office" of other users. Once a user joins an office, they can see all of the other office members' statuses (whether they're available for a call or "away for their desk"), and if anyone else is talking at someone's desk.

How we built it

  • We have used Electron+React to make the frontend look sweet!🍬

  • To save data Google Firebase's Firestore is used 🔥

  • To handle the Backendy stuff we have used Node.js 🍏

  • Connecting streams and seeing your co-workers have been made possible by SimplePeer 🎉

  • Prettier and Husky has been with us to handle linting and indentation on .js and jsx files 😍

Challenges we ran into

Connecting streams for video calling was very challenging but we handled it nicely!

What we learned

We learned multiple things on different levels. Some of the teammates were having different skills set but we all worked together well.

What's next for TokSpace

We have a couple of things lined up

  • Adding chat support
  • Adding weekly analytics(to see how your week went)
  • Code Editor (in case you want to code with your peers :) )

Built With

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