Tokku is a conversation engine that drives online communication through natural language processing.

Online networking has made conversing with anyone around the world easily accessible to anyone. Apps such as Tinder, and Omegle allow instant communication with another random individual. Though what Tinder and Omegle lack is the ability to create natural communication. Meeting someone in real life creates many opportunities to come up with new conversations from surroundings, and body language.

When faced with a chat window, armed with a handful of knowledge, it becomes difficult to start a deep meaningful conversation with someone out of thin air.

Tokku (coming from the word Talk) seeks to solve that problem by using NLP to analyze conversations, and provide the best feedback for what subjects to talk about next. Tokku instantly matches you up with another individual, and immediately shows recommendations on topics that have proven to be the most popular among the most successful conversations.

Each conversation is also analyzed to offer a realtime rating on whether or not a conversation is "positive" or "negative" in nature.

Our goal is to better the world by improving the way people talk to each other.

Our project relies on Alchemy API, AngularJS, Node.js, and Firebase. These technologies allow us to communicate with users in realtime.

We appreciate you checking out our hack project! We look forward to demonstrating to you in person.

Tokku Team, Robert

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