Our dream is to reward every person on earth for spreading & collecting funny memes. Our vocation: to rule the world with memes

What it does

Tokenomeme is the first multichain meme aggregator that redesigns meme culture for communities. A Web3 meme network with SocialFi, GameFi & MemeFi elements. In our ecosystem, users and communities can make handsome earnings by creating, sharing or collecting funny memes that will spread everywhere.

How we built it

With our hands, sarcasm, memes and a multichain vision. Also : in a way to drive crypto mass adoption through memes. We are using multiple Web3 solutions in a simple way to make it accessible for anyone : decentralized meme social network & aggregator, Meme NFT Marketplace, Multichain DAO, Laugh-to-earn, hybrid smart contract, meme monetization...

Challenges we ran into

One day, someone called us Tokenommeme. We also fucked-up our first private sale because we weren't prepared enough for bear market, and so we revised all of our strategies to surperform and make it a strength . We also had our Great Resignation: we used to be 9, then Mcdonalds took 5 of our best slaves. #PeerPressure

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have built a powerfull concept that has the ability to create self-sufficient ecosystems. We also deployed a multichain DAO with a long-term governance vision.

What we learned

Most boomers don't know what a meme is. If you are a boomer, google memes. Bear market is good for us. We can help meme coins to find a renewed value in our ecosystem.

What's next for Tokenomeme

Our next step is to finish the omega version of our meme aggregator and social network We also plan to launch our NFT collection & multichain token in the next 3 months.

Built With

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posted an update

Last update:

We have made great progress on the meme aggregator platform. It is already possible to aggregate meme feeds from subreddits. We are working on integrating other social media and the front end is still in development at the moment. We still have some work to do to make a better MVP, but some of the most important features are already working.

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posted an update


Our token v1 ( is ready to be used. We only need to adapt a few variables to our tokenomic, but we can already deploy it on Tron, ehtereum, polygon, BNBchain and any EVM compatible blockchain. The next step is to make the token multichain using BitTorrent chain.

Our tokenomic includes 6% reflective fees: 2% holders ; 2% marketing ; 2% liquidity.

Instead of sending that 2% directly into a liquidity pool, we decided it was better to send it into a “liquidity wallet” that will be used to make sure there is enough liquidity on every blockchain we deploy.

However, we still have the function to automatically send the reflective fees in a liquidity pool. We’ll use or delete it depending on our needs.

We also included other features: excludeFromFee, excludeFromReward, swap, router of the exchange, Ip token, etc.

We integrated a mint and burn feature to develop the multichain feature with BitTorrent chain, and also our Two Bonies protocol which uses a similar system to connect off-chain data (community points) with our on-chain meme token.

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As a member of NFT Factory, a NFT hub co-founded by 50 of the biggest French projects (Sorare, Sandbox, etc.), Tokenomeme was present at the NFT impact event. The objective was to discuss the impact of NFTs and blockchain on the environment, and to find ways to make the NFT industry more eco-friendly. It was also a good opportunity to network and connect with many builders of the French web3 ecosystem.

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posted an update

Info: To avoid any privatization of meme culture, we intend to establish on our platform an obligation to put each meme under an open source license based on the free art license: By doing this, memes will remain free and usable by everyone, and we’ll set up other conditions to have dynamic NFTs sharing value between the person that became a meme template (e.g., disaster girl), the meme creator, and the meme reposter. Because when Elon musk repost a meme, that meme has its own value.

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posted an update

UPDATE 13/07: //Update woofderful\

Because Chinkies the master is nothing without his pack, he created 3 places to bark and be a part of the biggest change the earth has ever seen!

Our multichain Meme DAOs are available on XDAO

BitTorrent : 0x2101e0f648a2b5517fd2c5d9618582e9de7a651a ; Polygon : 0x380a4c400aaa94cc26e7ddf3825e06ebe4ea9c57 ; BNBchain: 0xd566ea6879aa041ef86c158d3d01c1f647457574 ; Ethereum coming soon As we said, this is a multichain DAO. We will use tools like Snapshot to connect DAOs together. To vote in the DAO, it will be necessary to have an NFT from the Chinkies collection Our governance system will evolve over time and a constitutional manifesto will state our core rules.

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