We have heard about tokenizing many things, a lot of valuable things. But when we paused for a second and deliberate upon it for a short while, it might be evident that the most valuable asset any person could have is their time. That got us started with a mission of tokenizing time and applying it to the freelancing world. In out protocol a freelancer is permitted to tokenizer his/her time and allocate it to the hirers accordingly. We call them TokenLancers (Who work using TokenLancer platform).

What it does

There are 2 types of people who would use our platform.

  • Freelancers
  • Hirers
    Freelancers are initially allocated with 50 tokens, for more tokens they could buy using hbars. Each token represent one hour of a freelancer's time. Freelancers could browse through the jobs that are posted by the hirers and apply all the ones that interests them. The hirers could go though all the freelancers who have applied for a job and select the one who is more fitting to the role. Then the appropriate number of tokens is deducted from the freelancer's account and transferred to the hirer's account. This acts as a testimonial that the freelancer has agreed to the get the job done. This resides in the hashgraph permanently. It's like a record.

How we built it

For Web frontend we used react, and for mobile we used react-native and expos, for backend node.js, express.js and for database firestore and gcp. All of this is backed and supported by hedera and hts.

Challenges we ran into

  • It was quite difficult to integrate the frontend with the backend
  • It took us extra time to create a mobile app as well

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We managed to pull off creating both a web and a mobile interface
  • We are proud of learning a lot of things and glue-ing them together in a very short time

What we learned

  • Our backend developer has learnt about how to use hedera-sdk and on how to integrate it with backend
  • Our mobile and web developers have learnt a lot about integrating the frontend with the backend
  • We all as a team learned a lot about blockchain and hashgraph

What's next for TokenLancer

  • Our app is still in the developmental stage.
  • As it is a demo app we didn't use a credential login, in the real world app we will include that as well
  • To make the app more secure

How to test the app

  • You can install our android app provided in the google drive link
  • You can test our ios app, by scanning the QR code in the expo link provided below. This step requires the expo app to be installed in your mobile
  • In the registration page, enter any dummy username and register

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