There are three stories those inspired us to develop Tokeniz.

  1. Being a Blockchain developer I wanted to give a crypto gift to a friend of mine for her birthday, but after going through various NFT it was evident that she being new to the crypto world it would be harder for her to actually use the NFT for any purpose plus she would have to sell it to someone else to actually make any use of it, So I need something that would be like a NFT with meta data and stuff as well as will also have some intrinsic value which could be used.
  2. I had a friend who brought a token on the first day of an 6 month long ICO coin, although people were buying them at 10time the price he brought them after a month or so, but since it was not listed on any dex it was hard for him cash out when he was in need. Although he was will to forgo the tokens for half the price people were buying them for, on P2P market. but some who find found on internet who wanted to buy couldn't find a base trust point in the transaction to happen.
  3. I was window shopping on amazon, and also checking some private online stores selling merchandise, and wondered how many people will onboard on to Web3 if buying crypto beacame as easy as buying something on Amazon

What it does

Tokeniz tries to solve all the above mentioned problems with a single solution.

  1. It provides a platform to lock multiple ERC20 tokens inside of a contract linked with the NFT tokens, behaving as a virtual wallet. Once the NFT is transferred the tokens are transferred accordingly.
  2. You can unpack your tokens anytime from the NFT or sell it with tokens or list it at any NFT Market place.
  3. Each Token is unique and hence users will be able to add their own meta data or images to wish or state purpose of the NFT, thus making it a perfect gift for any occasions.
  4. Similarly you can also sell unlisted token inside an NFT where the locked amount could be verified on chain Thus allowing Trustless P2P transaction.
  5. We can also integrate the NFT to unpack automatically on transfer and pack gas fee coins, which seller can add while minting the NFT which they can sell from their own ecommerce platform, and the transfer can be initiated, thus making getting into web3 similar to buying a eBook.

How we built it

We used remix to create a smart contract, where we modified ERC721 smart contract to generate supporting contract when a NFT is minted and also to add tokens to the NFT. Then We developed a basic HTML, CSS, JS based website, and used ether.js to interact with the smart contract and achieve Tokeniz

Challenges we ran into

We ran into multiple challenges

  1. Issues with Smart contract exceeding size limitations
  2. Short Deadline
  3. Rushed Submission But we were able to tackle most of them

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud to provide something new to the Blockchain ecosystem, And we plan at taking this to much higher levels

What we learned

We learned a lot about upcoming technologies, new initiatives live almost free transaction on tron based on energy, etc. We also learned that thinking about small things in details can have massive benefits

What's next for Tokeniz

We have a road map read for Tokeniz which consists of developing a complete ecosystem around Tokeniz, with our own marketplace, Gift Shoppe, as well as a Ecommerce like web3 onboarding platform

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