Inspiration Another black swan event has made many sectors in Indonesia came into a crisis. It is a global event and yet the covid-19 leave the world without any other option than just to live in a new norm irrevocably. Everyone choose to stay at home or to work from home. This has led tourism in Indonesia and the businesses went in to a devastating situation struggling to survive. Some of them are able to survive because they have a well-managed company or they are relying from the stimulus package from the government. But some others just could not survive. In spite of the gruesome situation that we are facing today, the uprising movement has evolved. It taking into a form of spirits of empathy and solidarity as human being. The challenges that inspires me is when we want to reach out to others we demand a technology that is reliable, transparent, secured, efficient and offers an opportunity for innovations.

What it does

The blockchain technology offers greater transparency, unrivalled immutability, better security, more efficient and very less competition with rooms for more innovations. Great for value preposition for investment in technology. In Indonesia, the blockchain platform Tokenin would be the first of its kind to offer KYC risk approach when obtaining the clients' data through the app powered by Flutter that will be easy to access for download. It is a vertical integrated business model from the think tank company on the upstream advocates the concerning issues social, political strategy, economics, technology, environment and culture, towards the downstream projects with huge market cap and opportunities in mutual beneficial relationship. Tokenin will be focusing in the business development and collaborative works with the entrepreneurs. Therefore the app will provide the KYC for the collaborators, a marketing funnel for the crypto gaming and also the marketplace for the crypto tokens.

How I built it

Tokenin is the blockchain platform for minting the tokens was built with smartcontract by dApp and Enjin SDK. TokeninApp was built using Flutter and Si Bejo Crypto Gaming was built using Unity.

Challenges I ran into

The challenges came from the man power and time management. Crypto gaming is also will be interesting the future.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This would be totally new idea. Uncharted water lies ahead and looking forward to connect with the communities how to give a bigger impact for environment.

What I learned

That the blockchain technology is quite new and not so much precedent that I could refer to for study.

What's next for Tokenin App Blockchain Platform & Si Bejo Crypto Gaming

A community-based project leaning towards the sustainability and environment would be much anticipated and really looking forward if there is collaborative partners that could share same mission and vision.

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