Gifting friends crypto-assets is harder than it needs to be. Wouldn't it be nice to send your gifts via SMS? Well now you can with gifty.

gifty is an open protocol for sending redeemable vouchers for NFTs. Users can share NFTs from their wallets by sending a URL with scheme gifty://. The receiver can redeem the NFT by clicking on the link, which deep-links into the user's wallet application.

Now, you can introduce your friends to crypto by gifting them a CryptoKitty! (=ↀωↀ=)

How it works

The address hand-off is performed off chain using a bridge server to coordinate between the sender and receiver wallets. The bridge server protocol does not involve sharing sensitive private key data with trusted third-parties. The bridge server is trust-minimizing, and address data is stored encrypted. It follows a multi-step flow:

Transaction Flow

  1. Transaction Sender creates a new session with its public key
  2. Bridge Server returns the URL for the session (data.href)
  3. Transaction Sender sends the session URL to the intended Transaction Receiver (such as via SMS)
  4. Transaction Receiver updates the session with its wallet address
  5. Transaction Sender polls the session for updates to the wallet address
  6. Transaction Sender receives the Transaction Receiver’s wallet address and signs a transaction to send the token

Protocol & API

For more information about implementing the gifty:// protocol, visit the open source backend implementation.

License & Acknowledgements

Apache 2.0. Written by Alex Kern and Andrew Gold at ETHSanFrancisco 2018.

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