Token Toilet is a hygienic and charitable destination for tokens you don't want anymore.

Pesky airdrops taking over your wallet? Your CryptoKitty won't purr? Is that DAO token balance still triggering your PTSD? We have the solution! Token Toilet: a hygienic solution for fecal tokens.

What is this?

Toilet, Fountain and Sprinkler work together in an upstanding trifecta. Coins dumped into the Toilet are used as surprise rewards for users that throw coins (DAI) into the Fountain. All DAI proceeds from the Fountain are (metaphorically) dispersed by the Sprinkler.

No, really, what is this?

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts tend to accumulate worthless "tokens" in their wallets just by virtue of being involved in the ecosystem. Some of these tokens are valuable, others not so much. The Token Toilet is an entertaining and charitable way of disposing of useless tokens.

Who made this?

The Token Toilet, Token Fountain and DAI Sprinkler were created during the EthBuenosAires Hackathon organized by EthGlobal in May 2018. This project was one of the five winners of the Hackathon, as well as winner of a MakerDAO bounty.

The Token Toilet team was:

Teófilo Duffau (CryptoCup) Cameron Morris (Fabrica) Martín Nagelberg (CryptoCup) Gonzalo Sainz-Trápaga (nowhere in particular)

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