What inspired us

There is no doubt in our minds that decentralization is the future of development, prior to this hackathon we had no real experience or knowledge in the space and wanted to push ourselves to learn as much as possible about it. As we learned more we were inspired more, realizing many of the potential implications. We were motivated to focus on the iMining challenge as we both have a keen interest in the DeFi space.

What we learned

We learnt a lot whilst building this project – at the beginning of the event, we had very basic understanding of blockchain technology and limited programming experience (both 1st year data science students), now feel that we truly understand the application – but also are excited about the future of the technology. We learned about how smart contracts operate, how swaps occur, costs associated with blockchain transactions, factors affecting performance, methods for improving performance and much more.

How we built our project

We built our project as a python Flask application, implementing the uniswap-python wrapper for the blockchain logic.

Challenges faced

We experienced quite a few challenges throughout the development of our application. We spent quite a lot of time researching different blockchain concepts to gain a solid understanding of the tech before beginning.

Current limitations of our application are that not all swap pairs work – some cause exception errors and cause the program to crash. Given more time, we believe we can solve these issues and understand why these errors are occurring, but due to the deadline unfortunately this was not possible for us this week.

Another challenge faced was regarding estimation of price impact, as the uniswap-python package has not yet completed the estimate_price_impact() function, a helper function is provided in the github repo for the package which was used, but appears to provide an inaccurate result, further development of this functionality has been added to the roadmap.

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