Web3 is give us the opportunity to have a permissionless, censorship-resistant, decentralized applications, without single point of failure, available for everybody. Blockchain is a great backend for such kind of applications. There is also a lot of progress on the decentralized frontends topic (Sia Skynet Homecreen) etc.

The censorship-resistant part is very important for all usages, but specially for the media content - videos, music etc. Almost everyday there are news about stopped YouTube channels, removed tweets etc.

The old web2 systems, containing web servers, central databases etc. are not very suitable for such applications. The is a huge need from a new components for the media sites - decentralized storages, like IPFS, decentralized authentication systems, decentralized frontend hosting.

I hope this application to help people, trying to make their media content more resilient to censorship and to help them monetize that content, allowing digital currencies payments, directly from the content consumers.

What it does

Content is available only for the holders of a specified amount of ERC-20 token. Can be used to protect a private content, without need from a centralized DB for user credentials. Can be used to monetize a content - profits from buying the tokens can be paid to the content creator.

The application come with tokens market - you can buy/send/receive tokens. Future plans include also adding tokens sell feature.

How we built it

For the last several months I was porting the great scaffold-eth prototyping environment for different EVM-compatible blockchains - SmartBCH, Fantom, Avalanche C-Chain etc. Token Protected Content application is a nice example from a practical use of this framework.

Specially for Solidity contracts I ported also the Hardhat professional Ethereum development. Used in in this project from smart contracts development.

Challenges we ran into

  • Missing development tools on SmartBCH
  • Connecting frontend React components to the blockchain backend - async hooks etc.
  • gasPrice on different blockchains and use in in ethers.js transaction building

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Full-stack Web3 application: blockchain backend and React frontend
  • Ready components that can be reused
  • Working on most of the EVM-compatible blockchains

What we learned

  • Solidity from the smart contracts
  • React frontend framework - components, hooks etc.

What's next for Token Protected Content

  • Working with remote authentication server (optional)
  • Better tokens market - sell tokens, rewards for staking etc.
  • Protect individual videos, not the whole page

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