Inspiration - without a unique identifier, there is room for error in buying the wrong crypto-currency. For example with bitcoin and bitcoin cash, there have been several accounts of users purchasing one of the other mistakenly as their ticker symbols are quite similar. Today, crypto ticker symbols are up to 6 characters and many are identical or similar, with no description or information.

What it does - TokenID creates a unique identifier for traded crypto-currencies to prevent users from making expensive mistakes.

How I built it - TokenID was built on swift.

Challenges I ran into - Challenges we ran into were complying with the exact criteria laid out by the sponsors, as we did not want to sacrifice the idea. In the end we were able to work this out and comply with the POA network requirements.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of - We are proud to take this idea to a proof of concept. We are confident in its importance and necessity and are excited to bring this final product to light.

What I learned - We learned how to work together better as a team under a short time constraint and learned even more about how big this problem is today.

What's next for Token ID - We plan to move forward with our idea and help people from making costly mistakes!

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