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Blockchain industry is:

  • moving fast
  • unstructured
  • hard to evaluate
  • confusing for new users

Curation Network allows to rank dApps, blockchains and projects in a tamperproof conensus-driven manner via an Ethereum smart contract.

Frontend: Smart contract source:

What it does

Curation Network brings clarity and fair comparison of blockchain applications and projects to wider audience. Token-curated economic model guarantees objectivity and makes sure such rating can't be sybil attacked, spammed, tampered with or manipulated.

How it works

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1. Commit phase

  • Choose project
  • Initiate voting for a project
  • Commit X tokens
  • Predict this project to go ↑ or ↓ in ranking
  • Commit phase duration is specified

2. Voting phase

Other users cast their encrypted votes and stake tokens.

Network commision is withheld.

3. Reveal phase

Everyone reveal their votes (↑ or ↓) and stake amount. Winning direction is determined.

4. Movement phase

Final direction (↑ or ↓) is calculated based on overall stakes:

  1. Minority voters get their stake back minus commision.
  2. Majority voters get their stake plus commision over the period* of ranking position changing.

- initial speed - average of all stakes - # of votes during last 24h


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