TikTok is a really great platform to browse interesting content. However, it is not without it's problems. One of the biggest problems is the suspicions of data leakage as well as content ownership. This prompted us to create a new problem that, by design, can't have these problems. Introducing... TokChain.

What it does

TokChain is a decentralized picture sharing platform with planned future expansion for video, music, and gifs. TokChain uses blockstack's auth api to allow users to identify themselves when uploading pictures as well as blockstack's gaia storage to allow users to store their data for shairng. This means that users are able to log in autonomously and post images. Furthermore, users are in control of their data and can delete it at any time.

How I built it

We built TokChain using a React.JS frontend, blockstack's authentication API and gaia storage API, as well as AWS Lambda functions

Challenges I ran into

We orignally intended for this to be a mobile application written in React Native. However, we ran into problems using the React Native API for blockstack. Thus, we pivoted and created a React.JS Web Application that can be used on mobile devices as well as any other device that can access the interwebs.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud that we were able to learn enough about blockchain to create a fully-featured application.

What I learned

We knew nothing about blockchains coming into this hackathon. We learned what a blockchain is, what it can be used for, and how to use it.

What's next for TokChain

We would like to expand this application to allow the upload of videos, music, as well as gifs and other media content.

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