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Video demo link: https://youtu.be/AKag2WGpMAU


  1. Ukrainian army and the people of Ukraine 💙
  2. Enormous donations amount which went through blockchain 🐳
  3. We are passionate about Web3 technologies and we can't wait to see them working to their full potential and being integrated into the current infrastructure 🛠

What it does

  1. Fundraisers can create NFTs with benefits for their campaigns
  2. Fundraisers can create proposals and donators do governance on funds release
  3. Investors can invest in Ukraine and receive securities tokens (not in scope for now)


We think that our project can be part of 4 categories.

  • Improving Communication & Infrastructure - our tools will require a proper communication channel setup to manage the community. Infrastructure to provide benefits will be built
  • Tokenizing the Economy - we are tokenising real estate, equity of the businesses and proof of donation
  • Raising Funds for Ukrainians - our solutions aimed to increase funds raised
  • Bringing Web3 to Ukrainian IT - we allow other fundraisers to use our tools, which goes with onboarding into Web3

How we built it

With passion and a clear mind of what we want to achieve:) We founded the team during the hackathon. – Frontend: React.js; – Backend: TypeScript, InverisfyJS, Ethers.js, Redis, Koa – Database: Redis – Smart Contracts: Solidity, Hardhat, Foundry, OpenZeppelin Contracts

Challenges we ran into

  • Volunteers have a personal life and could back off from the initiative at any time. That's why we have not developed anything related to Tokenisation.
  • There are barriers to implementation that we are not accountable for and our idea is dependent on other subjects
  • Architecting a lightweight backend that deploys smart contracts and does batch mints, yet doing it wise to cut off expenses as much as possible;
  • Сreating ERC721 and ERC721Votes compatible contracts to enable voting on government proposals and keeping the tests sharp with Foundry;
  • Avoiding Governance attacks by saving the donated amount on-chain, using it as the voting power, and limiting the maximum voting power to a particular value that a Fundraiser chooses.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We have a great team. A well-thought balance between business, tech, and product skills
  • We have not overcomplicated the product and hack only what matters to be shown. We want to be understood
  • Enjoyed writing a pitch so much

What we learned

  • That hackathon is a good place to kick off your idea and stress test it
  • Less better than more
  • Some people learned what "Mint" means🤪

What's next for tok3nised

  • Partner with United24 and Advantage Ukraine
  • Raise funds to build our product
  • Go into international markets of tokenization and fundraising (potentially 1trl$ by 2026)☄️

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