Welcome to Toilette, an app similar to Yelp, but for finding bathrooms! We were inspired by the well-known application, Yelp, that helps people easily find restaurants, auto repair shops, hotels, and much more! People can leave honest reviews for future people to choose whether or not they want to go to that place. We were also inspired by the prompt, “standing on the shoulders of giants,” as we are building upon and improving the app Yelp that has already helped so many people make informed decisions.

What it does

Toilette has three options in the bottom navigation bar. The first tab is for fast emergencies when you just gotta go! It detects your location and gives you the closest and highest rated options. This allows you to quickly find the nearest and best restroom. It finds all restrooms in the following areas: hiking areas, hotels, restaurants, malls, fast food places, public porta potties, self-cleaning restrooms, stadiums, schools, beaches, etc. The second tab is for browsing and searching nearby restrooms. This is for when you have a little more time and want to sort by specific needs such as the cleanliness rating, accessibility, amenities, (toilet paper, soap, paper towels, seat covers, warm water, hand dryers), gender neutral vs gendered, family bathrooms, changing stations, nursing rooms, number of reviews, etc. The third tab is where users can sign in to their account so they can leave reviews after using a restroom.

How I built it

We used Xcode to develop our entire application.

Challenges I ran into

Our biggest challenges came during the coding and programming stages. Designing the navigation, and making sure each screen led to the next, took a lot of time. We spent almost all of our hours today figuring out the Xcode programming and fixing bugs/mistakes. Lastly, another challenge was running out of time and being unable to finish a user login page and logo.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

An accomplishment we are very proud of is the fact that we made a very nice looking interface that is also user friendly! For most of our group, this was our first hackathon, so we are proud that we made such an amazing final product with a little app development experience.

What I learned

Similar to what we said in the accomplishments above, we all learned a lot about app development as this was new to most of us. We are going to bed tonight knowing so much more about the world of programming that we did not know this morning. We learned that making an app takes a lot of patience, hard work, team communication, and consistent focus.

What's next for Toilette Search

In the future, we hope to crowdsource Toilette and make it known to users all around the world. We would like this app to become just as big, well-known, and helpful as Yelp.

Thank you so much!

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