I love GameBoy hardware and have tried on and off learning C over the past year. I tried making a game in the past but never finished. And thought I could use this time to try to teach myself again how to make a game.

Also, I've gone for nearly 3 weeks without toilet paper due to a shortage in our area. So I like to imagine that those who have been hoarding toilet paper are actively using it to fight Corona.

What it does

Almost exactly nothing. This is all about using your imagination. You can control a roll of toilet paper and pretend that there's collision detection and that the coronavirus sprites are fully rendered...

How I built it

I followed along with several tutorial videos on GBDK on youtube as well as looking through the documentation for GBDK. The "game" was written in C.

Challenges I ran into

Literally a challenge at every corner. I originally had planned on virus germs to chase the player as they traversed the landscape avoiding other enemy germs. But I do not fully understand C and kept trying to implement OOP designs in a language that doesn't want to.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Not only does this compile into a rom you can put into an emulator. You can get it to run on actual gameboy hardware if you have the equipment.

What I learned

C has its merits but is far more difficult to use than an OOP language.

What's next for Toilet Run

Add collisions Figure out how to add more enemies Add a point system Add sound Add levels

Built With

  • c
  • gbdk
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