The Game Jam tables were the only ones with free seats after our team had arrived to Junction. Our mission was then clear: let's make a game! The topic was melting. We tried to think the opposite way: what is as far from melting as possible? Iron came to ones mind. The idea for "Töhö" was born.

What it does

Flip and rotate your phone around to bend the iron pole to incredible shapes with "Töhö" . The game aims to equally entertain and frustrate the player. See for yourself!

How we built it

"Töhö" was built using mostly Unity and Blender.

The objects and levels in the game were modeled with Blender. First, some of us needed to learn some amazing Blender-skills in just few hours. After a few tries, the levels in the game started to take form. To pass the levels the player needs to bend an iron pole to the shape of the background. The first great challenge we faced was creating a bendable pole-object. In the end, it was formed with a huge number of tiny "bones" attached to each other.

At the same time we had team members building the game physics and gameplay in Unity. The ready-made gravity solution in Unity didn't seem to fit our purposes, so we had to make some custom physics to actually bend the iron pole. After many iterations of trying to fit the physics and pole model together, some UI work, and smoothing out the details, our project actually started to look like a game.

Challenges we ran into

Unity didn't seem to like Git merge. This was definitely a time sink.

The collision of the level-plane and the iron pole required hours of careful work.

"Melting" the iron pipe and bending it somewhat realistically using the phone's rotation was maybe the team's greatest challenge. The pole had also a tendency to break into tiny parts once the game started.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

"Töhö" is challenging but fair. It's easy to hooked and say "just one more try". That's something we're the most proud of.

Our team wasn't too experienced in game development but somehow we ended up with a working project. This is also a definite plus.

What we learned

We learned how to make a pole-bending game.

What's next for Töhö

Maybe "Töhö" or the next project inspired by it will end up on your phone too. Who knows.

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