We wish we could solve hunger around the world, and what better place to start than home. When we heard the pitch from the San Jose Public Library on their effort in helping serve food to the needy local children and adults, it immediately struck a chord with us.

What it does

Built an app that will help the San Jose Public Library volunteers by saving them a significant amount of time and effort in dealing with their paperwork. The volunteers must fill out upwards of 8,000 pages per month in order to meet their accountability requirements. In addition to lowering their monthly paper count to negligible, our mobile app will enable a much quicker check-in process for their customers and will give their volunteers more bandwidth, so they can be available for serving more people more food effectively. In conclusion, the mobile and web app will take up all the grunt work of data entry and reporting which will reduce significant amount of paperwork and manual effort.

How we built it

  • We had a lot of skill sets for a small team of four engineers. We were able to cover mobile development with Kotlin, front-end web-dev with AngularJS, and back-end with nodeJS to create a responsive web app that can be used from virtually any device.

We also created a neat Android based App for volunteers to easily check-in children and adults as they walk in to get the meals.

And of course there is sweat equity :)

Challenges we ran into

  • Crazy errors in posting data from our android app to the data store through our backend service
  • Finding time to sleep was so hard.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • What we are building would be put to use from the get go.
  • It will positively impact the lives of hundreds of hungry people over and over through the years to come.
  • We WOW'd our customers with our mobile app demo.

What we learned

  • Solving impactful problems using cool technology.
  • Doing neat UX on an Android App

What's next for Meal Tally

The web and mobile app are all set to be used by the San Jose Library. The app can optionally be enabled for iOS Support.

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