Let’s carry on with the SOLIDARITY AND INNOVATION momentum born during the corona crisis! A challenge and national day to celebrate growing together.

We want to ensure that the current trend of innovation, community sharing and overall positive attitudes and behaviours continue 1, 2, 3, ... years after we went back to normal we will continue to innovate and celebrate:

  • new learnings and sharing
  • solidarity
  • new spirit of togetherness
  • new sustainable lifestyle of our families, friends and communities Additionally we wanted to provide anyone who wants to contribute and grow their community with a platform that encourages exactly that.

What it does

Anchor learnings, make them actionable and drive innovation for sustainable communities.

How I built it

We build upon other existing initiatives to propose a community-based challenge ending with a nationwide celebration. The aim was to use already existing structures and platforms, to not waste efforts and time and being able to directly start this challenge. So the next steps are to get in contact with available solution providers and co-create.

Challenges I ran into

The first challenge for each of us was to find a team. The next challenge was to define how we work together. Then we've spent time on the why we're here and why this challenge, but maybe not enough. We would have needed more people that work actively in the space to not spend so much time researching already existing solutions.

And the saddest challenge we run into was that a close family member of one of our team members died on Saturday because of COVID.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Participating to the Hackathon
  • Contributing to solving current issues faced by the Swiss society and society in general
  • Developing an idea from scratch into a concrete "product / event" which will continue to strengthen our community and society as a whole

What I learned

Creating something so complex in such a small time requires a lot of skills and time to finally manage and being able to create something. It also requires a lot of management skills, especially in this virtual setting. Additional learnings:

  • A Hackathon online and digital working is possible
  • Discovered useful brainstorming and working together platforms (e.g. Mural, Zoom, etc.)
  • A diverse team with diverse backgrounds can create fantastic things together
  • Learned from each and every team member, leveraged on their experience, strengths and beautiful collaborative personality

What's next for Together We Change

The next thing would be to get in touch with current solution providers to further co-create and work on the challenge part. Additionally, a team of volunteers, as well as experts has to be formed to follow up on this cocreation weekend - and make the #togetherwechange happen!

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