What is the end-goal of our solution?

A healthy world without diseases in 2050.

Global problem, as the crisis has shown

  • We have learned that the health of the individual is essential for our society, which he or she can only ensure on his or her own responsibility.
  • The crisis is currently hanging over and is blocking everyone because politicians have not yet understood that they are incapable of maintaining people's health. This can only be done by everyone themselves.
  • Concern about risk patients is currently blocking an end to the crisis. These have arisen because our health care system has become rigidly focused on the diagnosis and treatment of diseases instead of bringing people into contact with their self-healing powers and into self-responsibility.

Our solution starts at the root cause

  • We support people so that they learn to take responsibility for themselves.
  • They learn to ask the right questions so that they can find a way to health.
  • We bring the knowledge of the therapists and researchers to the people in a way that is easy to understand and in a way that integrates the different points of view.
  • We help people to build healthy communities and strengthen each other in the network.

How does our path to health work?

It is a journey to the inner center. A journey to yourself. A journey into the trust we have lost through many expert opinions and failed attempts. It brings us into contact with our body wisdom and our self-healing powers, which are always there and have always been there. The questions that we ask of life open up spaces that we then explore in our time. With this we create a new reality based on gratitude, body support and lived humanity.

The preconditions are fulfilled

Solution is novel:

A platform and a network of supporters who support people with a focus on their self-healing powers and who integrate the many different views of medicine, therapists, researchers and scientists and bring them to people in an easily understandable way is unique.

Solution is technically-sound:

It will be a network of Internet platforms, supported with apps.

Solution is factually-based, realistic, and ultimately implementable:

You can use it now.

What we do in hackathon Cal Earth Hacks 2020

(1) We created a path on which we can automatically focus on health and self-responsibility and support creation of healthy communities: https://fragdichgesund.de/fragebogen/wir-entscheiden-uns-fuer-zusammenarbeit-fuer-die-gesundheit-aller-wesen/

(2) The Federal Ministry of Health has called for European Immunization Week and inspired us to integrate the science of vaccination and the science of self-healing and to open a space for people to integrate their views: https://fragdichgesund.de/antwort/fakten-und-fragen-zu-impfungen/

(3) We enhanced the website: https://fragdichgesund.de/

What's next for Together to health

Future of work-Hackathon 8.-10.5.2020


  • Start building healthy communities.
  • Using in companies
  • Completing the platform and filling it with life.
  • Find people who want to design it.

What else is possible? We are open for creative ideas. How about organizing a hackathon for the many projects of the study network?

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