In 2007 a research paper appeared explaining the relationship between natural disasters and crises and as a result of quarantine, there will be an increase in the number of births significantly after 9 months from the beginning of the stone. Divorce rates will increase and addiction will increase the production of psychological clinics .. In Wuhan, China, the divorce rate has increased dramatically and lecturer has increased Domestic violence and child custody issues in the past two months, the rate of alcohol consumption has increased dramatically, and there are studies saying that the quarantine has severe damage to mental health, and it includes symptoms of anger, stress, fear, and sometimes depression. The longer the duration of the quarantine, the worse the problem and our idea is to eliminate the dangers that can occur Because of quarantine and great ideas to avoid disasters .. The World Health Organization recommends isolation with video games and the use of the Internet because it reduces stress and psychological pressure and it is also possible to watch movies and programs or read a book or drawing or plant a tree much better than infection with the Corona virus.

How to avoid loneliness in a time of social isolation? The isolation of the Astronauts on their journey to the moon : NASA astronauts have been flying to space for more than 50 years and for nearly 20 years, crew members have been staying in space for months-long missions living on the International Space Station with only a few other people in about as much space as a six-bedroom house. Astronauts experience various aspects of social isolation and confinement during their missions . We will quote the space isolation created by NASA during its flight in space, sufficient expertise for domestic insulation. This quarantine has made a big impact on how we negatively view this year as a society, but we have to realize that there are still plenty of months left in this year to turn our viewpoints to positive. I believe that this quarantine can give everyone a chance to improve something about themselves. Whether that be your physical health, cooking capabilities, or crocheting skills, everyone has something they can improve about themselves.

Reducing boredom while in quarantine at home : 1-Being confined to home for an extended period of time can cause boredom, stress and conflict. 2-Arrange with your boss to work from home, if possible. 3-Ask your child’s school to supply assignments, work sheets and homework by post or email. 4-Take everyone’s needs into account as much as possible when you plan activities. Remember, you don’t have to spend every moment of quarantine together. Make sure everyone gets the opportunity to spend some time alone. 5-Plan ‘time out’ from each other. You could split the family into teams that occupy different areas of the house -for example, Dad with one child in the garage and Mum with the other child in the lounge room -then swap the following day. 6-Don’t rely too heavily on the television and technology. Treat quarantine as an opportunity to do some of those things you never usually have time for, such as board games, craft, drawing and reading. 7-Accept that conflict and arguments may occur. Try to resolve issues quickly. Distraction may work with young children. And there are other ideas : ـRemote face-to-face communication: Video chats are the best they can be in human communication, second only to personal contact; Because facial features, body language, and other forms of non-operative communication are important for building social bonds. Whenever possible, use video chats instead of text messages or phone calls, and do what you usually do with others. For example, try having a digital dinner with someone you met through a dating app, drinking by default with your friends or a book club remote meeting. ـ Getting a lot of liking taps on a post on a social media site may give you a lightning boost from dopamine, but receiving a direct message or email with a sincere courtesy or an expression of gratitude is more personal, lasts longer, does not take long . When you find yourself browsing people's posts, pause and send someone a few gentle words. Ultimately, we need an extra dose of kindness to address the stress and uncertainty associated with the Corona virus. ـ Grow your community: The key to any social communication is having commonalities. Whatever your own interests, there are online communities that share the same interests and can't wait to talk to someone else who is interested in them. There are also digital support groups, such as new parents or patients with a rare disease. Use these networks to get involved in your most important concern.  ـCreate deeper and broader relationships: There are two basic ways to overcome loneliness: caring for your actual relationships or making new ones. Reflect on your current social health condition, then take one digital step to deepen it - like communicating with a friend or family member you haven't talked with for a long time - or expanding it, such as seeking to connect with someone you want to know.  ـUse communication tools: Applications and social platforms are increasingly being made to improve our online communication with our loved ones, including applications such as Ikaria, Cocoon, Monaro and Squad. If you are the one who deals well with the social structure, these tools may be a useful choice for you. Alternatively, you can use chat prefixes such as Table Topics or The And to start interesting conversations during a video call.

Personally, we are always working on entertaining our free time in creating creative crafts at home that benefit us both in decorations as we designed a small fountain for our room using cement and also a fish tank and also in changing the colors of home furniture or things that benefit the kitchen where it benefits young people of the same age and for those with talents such as drawing Or singing, it will be their chance to improve their talent, and for those who do not have the household talent, they can spend their time learning a craft via the Internet or a course that teaches the English language with a view to improving it ... As for my brother, he loves acting and he did well in creating videos for himself at home He displayed his talent in it and shared it on social media, where it achieved great success, my brother got excited and worked on creating many videos and spent his time well.

Here are some things to keep in mind to reduce the treat of social isolation and loneliness as the pandemic continues : 1- Social isolation and loneliness are serious health issues These related conditions affect a significant proportion of adults in the United States and have been calculated as being  The equivalent of smoking 15 cigarettes a day 2-Plan and connect important to talk to family and friends to develop pan to safely stay in regular touch as we socially distance ourselves, or if we are required to self-quarantine for a possible exposure or are in isolation for a COVID-19 infection. This plan should confirm whom you can reach out to if you need help accessing food, medicine and other medical supplies 3- Make a list of organizations that can help Create a list of community and faith-based organizations that you or the people in your plan can contact in the event you lack access to information, health care services, support and resources. If your neighborhood has a website or social media page and you haven't joined it, consider doing so to stay connected to neighbors, information and resources. Consider including on your list organizations that provide mental health or counseling services as well as food and other supplies. 4-Remember pets (their value and their needs) Pets can help combat loneliness, and some pets have been linked with owners’ longevity. The World Health Organization has also determined that dogs cannot get coronavirus. Still, it's always important to .wash your hands after contact with pets . And just as you need to ensure you have sufficient supplies for yourself and family, be stocked with food and other supplies for your pets. 5-Know who's most at risk for social isolation and loneliness People at the highest risk  of developing more serious illness from COVID-19 and who should be the most vigilant about social distancing will also be the most at risk of increased social isolation and loneliness. For example, the CDC has recommended that long-term care facilities discourage visitation.

What inspired us to the idea of solving isolation is that we also were suffering from the same problem even the younger sisters of us and we did not encourage ourselves and searched for American studies in the problem until we proposed the idea to our family and our ideas succeeded very significantly where the young people started to make videos and publish them through social networking sites and did not suffer Start from the problem, and for the mother, she learned new foods, and she did not feel bored either. We also enjoyed her food very much, and we seek to spread our thoughts and eliminate the problem, and take advantage of the quarantine times while they benefit until the problem ends and we return to our normal life.

We have learned many things, which are that we are now able to not feel bored completely and away from problem solutions. Our experience in the field of scientific research has increased and we have become more interesting for participating in many other competitions and more interesting in moving to other problems in order to benefit our society more. After we finished our research we loved that We benefit the people more, so we worked to hold a meeting with our village while preserving the necessary things to prevent the spread of the virus. The people in our village told us our thoughts, and after a week the people were very happy and thanked us for our effort with them and loved our ideas very much.

We faced many challenges that may be difficult for us or it is possible because for the first time we try to do something as we faced some of the difficulty in research in order to benefit from reliable information and also challenge us ourselves in creating a cartoon video for children that contains our ideas and publish it on social networking sites to benefit as much as possible People have already created the video and we have also worked on creating a website and already we have made the site and we are very happy because we learned new things and what I do at the time of quarantine is that I am learning new things that are useful to me and also I participate in competitions that obligate me to learn new things.



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