About: Connects users with NGO's to create an accessible and collaborative way to help make a difference in the community

Built With: Swift, Xcode, Zeplin, Google Cloud using MVC Software Pattern, IBM Watson Image Recognition, IBM Watson Assistant, and Kubernetes (IBM and Google Cloud)

Frameworks: UIKit, MapKit, CoreLocation, FlyoverKit, UserNotifications, EventKit, Contacts, Firebase, GoogleSignIn, Parse, Speech

Video Walkthrough

Stand-Ups / Milestones

  • x Wireframes
  • x Zeplin components
  • x Create boilerplate w rotating map
  • x Connect double segmented market to non-relational database
  • Implement Apple Calnder and Apple Map transitions

Roadblocks Overcame

  • Pull Requests with different pod folders and stroyboard edits in different branches
  • Async calls View Controller life cycle order of call between delegate and protocol methods
  • Geofence Limitation Apple Places a limatation on tracking 20 physical barriers at a time
    • We came up w an algorithim that works around that limitation w/o eating the battery

Useful Links


  • Backend: Yasin Ehsan, Queens College
  • Native: Helal Chowdhury, NYU
  • Backend: Rageeb Mahtab, Baruch
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