Community noticeboard at supermarket where anyone can post messages about local events, clubs, services, lost pets etc.

What it does

Create boards where you can share messages and photos with friends, family or community.

Boards are populated with recent tweets using a hashtag filter. Two board layouts are available - pinboard and carousel. A pinboard layout shows tweets side-by-side like a wall. A carousel layout shows a limited number of tweets and cycles through them like a slideshow.

An example of a non-interactive use case is a digital sign in a common area of a school, workplace or residential building, showing relevant tweets for a particular location.

An example of an interactive use case is an inspiration board for a personal interest or hobby.

How we built it

Built using a NestJS backend and React frontend. Hosted on an Azure App Service using Azure CosmosDB for database storage. Using the Twitter recent search API endpoint.

Challenges we ran into and accomplishments that we're proud of

Transforming the vision into a working application, although it does not have all the features originally envisaged.

What's next

Feature backlog

  • More board layouts
  • Themes
  • Custom backgrounds
  • Additional data filters e.g. accounts, communities, lists, topics
  • Quality and sensitive content filters
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