We were disappointed in our university's lack of attention for individuals who passed away because of mental-health-related causes. We wanted to make a change towards community recognition and awareness for individuals who deserved to be remembered.

What it does

Together; creates a safe and anonymous forum specifically targeting students and teens. It provides community support, a place to remember loved ones, and crucial resources. We have implemented 2 different "views" for 2 targetted audiences. One view is for people who are looking to help, and the other for people seeking help. We realize that our project is sensitive and wanted to prevent any unintended triggering effects. To do this, tabs with potentially triggering content cannot be viewed by those who are seeking for help.

How we built it

We used React Native as a framework and Expo to compile and run the demo. We also used Git to manage our workflow, ProCreate to design the logo and lots of CSS.

Challenges we ran into

More than half of our team didn't know JavaScript or React Native. The setting up process was long and confusing. The main problem we ran into was routing the app with the Navigation Stack. We also tried for a long time to write to a file with client-side JavaScript only to find out we couldn't.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

Learning new things, team collaboration was extremely smooth. We were all very proud of our ability to complete the app having little to no experience with JS and React Native. We were also very proud that we had a smooth workflow with git. We were able to delegate tasks and complete the project the way we had imagined it.

What we learned

We learned how to incorporate different components in React Native to pass data using props and params. We learned a lot about JS and React Native and genuinely feel more confident about future projects. It was also helpful to learn that we need to read more documentation.

What's next for Together

We want to seek out mental health professionals for consultations on how better we can implement this app, as well as resources. We want to bring awareness and take away the stigma that comes along with seeking help for mental health issues. We want to actually implement a real database and incorporate algorithms to keep personal information accidentally posted by the client private.

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